IT’S OVER!!!!!!

November 24, 2007 at 8:55 am (Nicht kategorisiert)

I’m done with this blog. Three months are over…
I’ll fly back in some hours. I don’t want to finish this blog. I don’t want to print it as a zine either…. yet. I think it will be a boring zine. I don’t like how I write, its shows not even the half what I experienced in this three month. One reason is also that I’m not able to craft a nice zine. My right hand is still in a cast and I’ll get it off in mid December and the docs in Germany will probably operate my elbow. So I think that means a new cast for ten weeks…
I will left Philly at on the 24th in Nov. at 10 p.m.
I will left this country with way to much records, VHS’s and zines. I will left it with a bunch of new cool friends and pen-pals. I will left it with a lot of experiences, a lot!!! I will left it with mixed feelings. I will miss my friends here but I also my friends and my dog at home! I will left these friends for a long time (some more or less…) but I left my friends back home a quarter year ago. A lot of things happened in this quarter year and I’m excited to listen all the new experiences and stuff like that from my friends!!!
But I will step in the „new-old-world“ also with fear. What bad things happened? What about the friend issue? What will happen if I see the people again who am I afraid of or who hurt me in the past so bad?
I will step in a world again which I left  three months ago.
I know that I have some friends in the back. They’ll help me and offered some help yet. I will live at a friends apartment, and this will give me as first a very save and comfortable feeling.
Thank you for reading it. I saw how many people red this blog and I appreciate it.
I could and want to write a long thanks list for so much old and new people but I have some friends who are very paranoid about their first name in the Internet… (I stopped to argue about these things after awhile…..)
But YOU read this right now, so thank you very much and feel a hug from me!!!

If you wanna know more about this tour or the ending, just write me an email to: ryokou @ or a letter and we can hang out and talk a lot!!!!!!!

See you, hugs anf thanks!!!!



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November 9, 2007 at 10:39 pm (Nicht kategorisiert)

Back at Philly!!!

Finally… I’m so glad to met all the awesome people again in the Philly house!!!
The 2 1/2 months tour is over and I will rest for the next two weeks in Philadelphia, finish this blog and print it as a zine.

Thank you all for your interesst and support!

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November 5, 2007 at 4:55 am (Nicht kategorisiert)

everybody can now leaving comments on this blog, without a log-in

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Oktober 28, 2007 at 8:01 pm (Nicht kategorisiert)

No! I closed this site down for some hours. We crossed today the Canadian border and we were scared that the cops find something about the tour in the internet. They are so ridiculous try to find anything to let you not in their country. Towers had the problem once before and had to left the border and canceled the shows in Canada.
But it happened nothing this time. We jut told them that we are recording in Canada because they don’t like touring bands and they let us without problems in this country.

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o k

Oktober 15, 2007 at 1:23 am (Nicht kategorisiert)


I’m pretty okay again. My elbows doesn’t hurt more soooo much, jst feeling strange. But my wrist is still fucked up. I think it was also broken and the docs can’t see that because I can’t bended me like they want for the x-rays.
So I’m writing again the blog and I wrote also what happened in Arizona. Andy mailed me my prescribed.

The next days are just from my head because I was not able to wrote the prescribes for this side with two broken elbows.


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Tired of shit!

Oktober 10, 2007 at 5:35 pm (Nicht kategorisiert)

Hey I’m recently unable to write this blog again. I broke both elbows at a skate accident. whatever, its fucking ridiculous I know but that’s also a reason why I need a break to answer my emails.

Its possible to write but its annoying.

I’ll answer the mails and write this blog again soon as possible…

Thanks for your interest, see you soon!


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I’m back…

September 28, 2007 at 5:12 am (Nicht kategorisiert)

I don’t know. I will write again my stuff down. I’m not really in the best mood but its not that bad that its be impossible to write this shit.But you can read it how I am and stuff like that…

And I wanna thank you for reading this. I don’t believe it how many people do that.
A big big THANK YOU!!!

So, I left now one month in the states behind me and I’m soon back home.

See you and thanks again!!!!!

I blew it! I disordered the dates but I fixed it, sorry!

And mom, don’t care about the jail, steal and weed stories. I’m okay and keep everything under control. I know you know that, but just wanna make sure that…

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August 31, 2007 at 12:40 pm (Nicht kategorisiert)

Click right on the pages to see my posts —–>

Please send me your addresses and telephone numbers for get in contact with you!!!


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